30 Day Challenge

I have been back and forth on my weight. I am sure everyone knows all about the up’s and down’s that go along with losing weight. It is one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Mid-year 2014 I was almost in the 230’s, had not see that weight range in decades. I was really proud of myself I had lost over 50 pounds.  One thing lead to another and I got lazy and start eating the wrong things again and I went back up to almost 280. It is a slow process and it creeps up on you. You would think that I would understand the signs of “creeps up” on you.

In my consultation world there is what would be called scope creep, which means things are sneaking in to the project that were not supposed to be performed. We manage that and adjust to control it.  In the magic world audiences like to keep getting closer to you (creeping up little by little) especially the kids. We get them to move back or adjust where they are sitting. This is done quickly and efficiently.

I identified my issues and kicked it back into overdrive. I started watching what I ate and to assist me I used an app. I admit it I use the Weight Watchers app it. I am not in to the meetings nor do I have time to go to a meeting. The app is simple and straight forward. What it really did for me was to teach me how to make good choices. You will be amazed at how bad your favorite meal is for you.

To give you an example I have 49 points to spend in a day. I took a look at one of my favorite items and it was 30 points.  Think about that for a minute.


I decided on March 23rd that I would do two challenges.

The first was to stop drinking soda for 30 days.  I have been successful as of this post and actually have no cravings for soda at all. Working out pretty well.

The second was to lose 20 pounds. This one I might not make I have lost 7 pounds. It is still 7 pounds, any loss is good.


I challenge anyone that reads this to take a 30 day challenge.


It could be anything

Here is a great list of ideas

100 30 day challenges from www.thoughtbrick.com


Let me know what you are doing and if you made it the 30 days.


Till Next Time.

John Bobik

Been awhile

It has been quite some time since I have posted to this blog and a lot has happen since then.

After my birthday I started getting ready for the “season”. As some of you know I portray Santa Claus during the Christmas season. If you want to see me you can go to www.mainlinesanta.com. The season was very good to me, did a lot of shows and met some great families and more importantly created some lasting holiday memories.

After the holiday I needed a break but that would not happen. I also perform Magic shows and had a few shows after the holidays. My magic site is Bobik Magic. Then in January my lovely wife and I attended a magic conference in Oxnard CA. The conference is called KAX and is hosted by Kidabra and Steve Axtell.

It was a very busy time and we had a blast, seeing friends and discussing magic. A great time was had by all that attended.

It was then back to shows and work. I also have a full time job as a software consultant. The beginning of this year was getting some additional certification and the software job does require traveling. My life can get very complicated at times.

I was flying high until in the month of May, I was laid off from my full time job. This was the third time I have been laid off in my life. It really can be quite ego crushing when it happens. It was off to look for a full time job again. The magic shows are extra income but I have not had enough of them to build a full time living from them yet. Santa is really good but not enough to support me for the whole year.

Took me a couple of months but I started a new job in June. Yea!

So if anyone is reading this has been laid off, I have a couple of tips. Most importantly stay focused on finding a job or more gigs if you are a performer. Just remember that there are people around you that will help and love you. they can help but just stay positive.

Tip #1 Use this time of unemployment to better yourself, whether it is studying, reading or a chance to actually lose some weight or just get in shape. Do not squander this time.

Tip #2 Do not let it get you down. It will be tough and I know how hard it can be on your emotions but stay positive. Just tell yourself that you will find something that is better this time. Life will always throw us curve balls and we have to learn how to hit them, does not mean it has to be out of the park just need to hit the ball.

One of my favorite sayings is the following. “When life gives you lemons learn to juggle”

Thanks for reading and I promise I will write more. Even if no one reads them.


Till Next Time

John Bobik

Please read, My Birthday.

Today is my birthday. I am 52 as of today that equates to 624 Months, 2713.3 weeks or 18993 days if you prefer.

I did get a bit of surprise, It snow some this morning. As some of you know this time of the year I portray Santa. It was a nice way to wake up. It only did it for a little bit but I got to go stand it for a few minutes. 

I am not big on celebrating my birthday, not because I hate it I actually love it. I like to look back and see what I accomplished for the year and at the same time I start thinking how am I going to top last years. Sure, I have had great, good and really bad years. If I take care of myself and have a little luck I plan on having another 50 or so years ahead of me.

It annoys me when people treat their birthday like it is a jail sentence and they are just waiting for the end.  This thinking never harbors any kind of good life. Just promotes bad vibes.

I could go on but I do not want to preach at you. Never a good thing.

To the chagrin of my wife I am also not one for presents. Do not get me wrong I like presents but they are not required for me to have a nice birthday.

This year I am going to try something different.

I would request that everyone that reads this try’s for the next 24 hours from the time they read this blog to be nice. What I mean by that is just be courteous and try to think of people around you first. Hold doors open for people, Say good morning, good afternoon or evening like you mean it. No, let me correct that really mean it. Tell the people around you that they look nice.

Call your best friend and just say hi. Do not fight, do not bicker just talk. Do not get pulled into the drama of Facebook. Twitter or the news. 

The best one is the easiest. When you see someone that you know or not give them a big smile and a hello. It may not change your life but it might be the world to that person. Whole lives have been turned around because someone smiled for no reason other than to smile and be happy.

Just think about what you are going to say before you open your mouth.

 Find the one person that you do not always get along with and say hi.  

I am not asking for anything difficult. This is all common sense.

That is all I want for my birthday. If after 24 hours of being nice you do not notice that your happiness has gone up some and your stress level has gone down then try it again. If it is still not working email me I will help.

Please reply after your 24 hours are up and tell me how you feel.

Till next time.

John B

A Good Women

Below is my favorite saying.

Behind every great man is a women rolling her eyes.

You thought I was going to say a greater women. That is a given.

This is actually about my wonderful wife.

I met my wife at the King of Prussia Mall. She worked across the hall. Our stores were almost perfectly in line. Maybe it was a sign. I was in my 20’s and manager of a software store. She managed a store called Art Explosion, I do not think they exist anymore.

I had a crush on her the very first time I saw her. We had a muffin and coffee store right next to my store and I was getting ready to walk out the front of my store and here she came from across the mall headed to the Muffin store. I do not remember the whole outfit but what I saw was a cute skirt, great legs, high heels and a pretty face. I am a bit of a leg man as my7 fellow guys would say. I was done right there and then, she had my heart even if she did not know it yet. I timed my approach so I could stand next to her. It worked I got to say hi and get her name, it was Gail and the view standing near her was heaven to me. I was in love right from that moment on. Then to my delight I discovered that she was not only beautiful but smart and had a great sense of humor. I tried to time the meetings at the muffin shop every time I saw her in her store.

I really was not looking for a relationship, frankly I was really not dating. I had already been married and divorced. My first wife was nice but had some problems at that point in her life and we really were not compatible for a long life together. It was a nice surprise finding Gail.

We continued to talk, it was great and we got along pretty well. I actually blew what would have been our first date. She had an extra ticket to a Fleetwood Mac concert and popped by my store to see if I wanted to go that night. Anyone that knows me from those days will laugh. I was rarely not there, unless my DM had me helping him at another store. It just happens I took off early that night. I kicked myself for days after my Assistant Manager told me what happen. He rubbed it in for days. He liked her too.

I got lucky shortly after that, there was a dust up at her store. It is a long story but needless to say she decided to leave that job. I took a chance and asked her to work for me. It was the 80’s and the computer field was pretty much male dominated. Gail and I were not dating at that time and I really wanted to hire a women to work in the store. We had a lot of girlfriends and wives come in the store to get a present and they got a little intimidated at times by not understanding most of the stuff and of course a bunch of young guys being the only ones they could talk to in the store. Gail accepted and it was a great thing. She had an understanding of computers and games. I saw more women come in and feel comfortable talking to her and really impressed that she know about all this stuff, it put them at ease. She made a lot of sales.

One thing led to another and we started dating. She did leave the store shorty after we started dating. We joke that I hired her three times and fired her three times. I was able to hire her for temp holiday work and store moves. Just could not get rid of her.

I just wanted to give you a little back ground to lead up to the point of this article.

I do not consider myself to be a great man. I am still searching for that thing that will make me feel like a great man. I could not search for greatness if I did not have a great woman behind me rolling her eyes. I want to preface that Gail is my equal and very smart. She attended college with a nudge from me and graduated from Temple Cum Laude just shy of Magna Cum Laude. She has her own career working in the E-Discovery field. She is not one to be out on stage or in front of people, which is not her thing. I am the one that loves to be in front of people and on stage. No better feeling to me.

She has supported me in more ways than I could ever thank her. Anytime I wanted to do something she was there standing behind me. Encouraging, nudging and most of the time rolling her eyes. I even uprooted her for three years to move to North Carolina. That did not work out and we moved back.

This was written to thank my beautiful wife for supporting me for the last 25 years. Remember, no matter what we strive to do in our lives it is much easier to obtain if there is someone standing behind you to clap for you or catch you if you fall. I am a very lucky guy and have had that support in my corner to catch me. You can ask her she actually caught me falling off a ladder once.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far and try to surround yourself with people that will encourage you at all times and not be afraid to say what you are doing is not very good and needs work. It is just as important to get honest feedback. Lies do not help anyone.

Dedicated to my wife, soul-mate and best friend. I am still trying to catch the breath that you steal from me every time I see you.
Thank you Gail-Anne. I love you.

Till next time
John B

The Return from Kidabra

My wife and I have been back for a bit from your trip to Pigeon forge, TN for the Kidabra conference. It is always sad when It is over.

It was a great time. Great lectures, great information, awesome dealers room but most important great friends.

I am still in overload from all the information I have acquired.

Well back to work, working on a new act. 

Till next time

John B


Kidabra International Conference

Only a little over a week till my wife and I leave for our vacation and we combine it with the Kidabra international conference. We have gone every year since 2006 when we discovered the convention and have had a blast every year since. The best part is my wife does not get bored. The convention is in Pigeon Forge TN and there is a lot of stuff to do and see. Plus since it is a family orientated convention a lot of the performers bring this spouses and family. This mean a lot of friends and plenty of things to do not related to the conventions.

For those of you that do not know Kidabra International is a family and kid show performers organization. I honestly will say I think this is one of the greatest gathering of people I have ever meet. We may only meet once a year and not everyone can make it every year but we stay in touch through out the year, whether it is using email or social media we stay in touch.

If you are involved at all with kid or family shows and you are not a member then you need to check it out and join. The benefits are huge.

You will find some of the best creative minds in this industry and not only here in the USA but all over the world. The things they have come up with sometimes just amazes me.

I have never been to a convention of any kind both in the magic world or the Software consulting side where they are so willing to help and share ideas. The other part is there are very few egos. Trust me when I say these guys and gals are the best out there and they will take the time to help you, answer questions or just talk to you like an equal.

Check out this great organization.

Kidabra International

Till Next Time

John Bobik

My First Toastmasters Adventure

I finally got off my butt and joined Toastmasters. I have tired several times before but never got it to work out. My big problem was I am very busy and travel a lot. I was concerned that I was not going to be able to make vey many meetings and I would not add any value to the one I joined. I got a kick in the butt yesterday and emailed the meeting nearest me, it that turns out to be right around the corner from my home.

I explained that I travel a lot and their response was that was not an issue that several members do the same and travel a lot. One more roadblock down. The person that responded stated that their meeting was the same night. No excuse I had to attend. As they say the stars were aligning in my favor.

Well, not quite aligning. The stars decided to throw me a curve ball, that curve ball was my wife. It was about an hour before I was to leave and I get a text from my wife that the train she is on coming home from work is running very slow due to a power problem. Her car was at the station and I figured she would get home but very slowly. Not true, the driver had to stop the train several stations away due to the fact that all the lights were out at the switches on the whole route. Obviously this is not a good thing and I prefer my wife to be in one piece and healthily. I have enough trouble keeping up with her, I could not imagine if I had to chase several of her.

I get another text from her this time saying they have been all kicked off the train and she has no idea how long they are going to wait. I would need to come and get her. Here we go I was not going to make it there and back and get to the meeting. Just cannot get a break some days. Off I went to get her and I realized as I was driving that it was summertime and there is a lot less traffic and made it there in no time at all. Getting back was not much longer. We arrived home and I still had 15 minutes to eat something before I left for my new chapter in my life.

I arrived at the meeting place and knew immediately that this was going to be great time and learning experience. The meeting started and is well organized for both content and structure. Very refreshing to attend a meeting that actually follows the time lines. I attend a lot of meetings and frankly most of them are very disorganized and they never seem to stay on topic. Drives me crazy. I found this very refreshing.

The meeting continued and I learned a lot. I was asked to participate in what they call Table topic discussions. They ask a series of questions and call upon different people to answer with a one to two minute impromptu response.

Well I got best Table Topic last night. A nice way to start my first experience

toast number one

Seriously, I would suggest and recommend that you at least attend one of the meetings near you. Anyone can get great value out of attending. It is not just how to speak to a room full of people, it is much more. You will learn the basics about speaking but you will learn how to organize your thoughts, slow down when speaking, time management and most importantly effective leadership skills.

Get out there and give it a try. When you do drop me a line and share your experiences, I would love to hear them.

Till Next Time

John Bobik

Not Uggs Again

Ladies, If you know me you will know I love all of you But I have to get something off my chest.

This is the second time this has happened in a vey short time. I am sitting in my favorite Starbucks and in walked what I thought was an attractive looking women until I noticed what she was wearing.

She had on a nightclub outfit, you know very tight sequin dress, however it was not much bigger then a belt and you had to really stretch it from her shoulders down. I was concerned at any moment it was going to go flying up like that old pull down shade we have all had in the windows. You know when it went flying up it made that thwap thwap noise. To top this off there this was a slit up the side that basically told me she was more then likely going commando. I’m just saying when she sat down waiting for her drink it was kind of amusing. She was trying to keep the dress from riding all the way up her body.

Now this was not really the issue. What really got me was she walked in wearing Uggs boots. I know she was doing it so she was not driving in her high heels and I bet if they were under five inch heels I would be shocked. Yes it is 100 degrees here and she was wearing classic Uggs.

This is my opinion but do not believe the hype and I mean hype about Uggs. This my be shocking but Uggs do not go with everything. No way No how. I am just saying.

Have a great day.

Till Next Time

John Bobik

Welcome to the New Home of my Musings

Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen and Children of all ages!

This is the home of my new blog and hopefully a peek into my thoughts and insights to everyday happenings.

Let me introduce myself. My name is John Bobik and I reside near Philadelphia in a town called King of Prussia. Home of one of the largest malls on the East Coast, The King of Prussia Mall. I live with my beautiful, smart redhead Gail-Anne. Yes, it is true they are fiery and feisty and only a small number of us get the pleasure of calling one of the few our soul mates.

Besides my wife I have a couple of other loves. First is my magic. I have been a magician and entertainer since I was a 14. Second I am a software consultant and really enjoy the job.

The new adventure in my life is public speaking. I offer two different motivational lectures, Customer Service and Humor at Work. Lots of fun and not a boring lecture but fun filled learning and magical moments.

That wraps up the introductions for today. Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. If you chose you can sign up to receive my musings or at least stop by to say hello.

Till the next time
Be safe
John Bobik